Dear Residents of Deer Trail,

People often ask me, why Colorado Ethics Watch? We’re not Illinois or Louisiana or Alaska or some other state with a long track record of corruption. I tell them we’re here to keep it that way.

Corruption starts small.  If a politician realizes he or she can abuse power to realize a couple thousand dollars of personal gain or special favors for a buddy and get away with it, the sky’s the limit. Before you know it, you have politicians who think they can sell Senate seats or $10 million earmarks for cash.

That’s why at Ethics Watch we don’t just keep tabs on the governor, the secretary of state or other high-profile elected officials. We’re watching county officials, school boards, and city governments, to make sure that if they don’t do the right thing, then everyone knows.

And now we’re asking you to do the right thing.  Make a donation today to Ethics Watch, and help us stop corruption before it gets big. 

Your monthly commitment of just $5, $10 or $25 a month will help us keep an eye on public officials around the state, review public records to spot wrongdoing, and make sure the Independent Ethics Commission and other ethics enforcement agencies do their jobs. If you can’t make a monthly commitment, please consider a one-time contribution to help keep us strong.

Will you help us fight corruption before it gets too big?  Make a donation today, and we’ll make sure Colorado stays both colorful and clean.



 Luis Toro, Director


*Colorado Ethics Watch is a project of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt organization. Your donation will appear as Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington on your credit card statement and will be designated as a gift to support the Colorado Ethics Watch project.